Fast Floor Screed Ltd fleet of Mobile Screed Factories

We’re delighted to see our fleet of Mobile Screed Factories servicing the entire nation with our CE Marked, EPD Certified Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed.   

Our fleet comprises of fully automated Bremat Mobile Screed Factories, custom built in the Netherlands by Bremat Holland BV, mounted on Scania 8×4 rigids. Each Bremat Fast Floor Screed Mobile Screed Factory carries our Sudanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate binder, sand & aggregates and water in separate compartments. The automatic production process ensures materials are precisely weighed, fed to the mixing bin and into the pump for easy, mess-free installation. This ensures the Mobile Screed Factory produces Sudanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate floor screed to a consistently high quality.

Our unique bespoke re-load hydraulic screw for sand & aggregates ensures excellent daily output is achieved. Plus, for convenience, there are a number of pre-programmed mix designs to choose from delivering screed floors from C20 to C35.

What are the additional Benefits of a Screed floor fitted by Fast Floor Screed Ltd?

· Perfectly level floors – every time

· Reduced screed thickness – maximises insulation thickness

· Improved U-Values

· Increased performance of underfloor heating (UFH)

· No shrinkage or curling

· Can be used for acoustic (dB) flooring

· Application is extremely fast – Applied at 500m² per day and walkable in as little as 6 hours

· Can be force dried

· No additional finishing required before final floor coverings are laid

· Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is stable and does not segregate

· No surface skin formation, unlike less superior synthetic Anhydrite compounds

· Much faster to apply and significantly lighter than traditional sand & cement

· Mixed on-site and professionally machine pumped in-situ by our ISO Certified experienced team

· Use of laser levelling tripod system to expertly lay the flattest floor possible

· Installed in strict accordance with BS 8204-7 code of practice

· Alpha Hemihydrate Floor Screed complies with EN 13813: 2002, CE marked

· Alpha Hemihydrate Screed binder complies with EN 13454-1: 2004, CE marked

· EPD certified – certificate available for download on EPD Ireland’s Platform

· Product factory on-site – no mess – no fuss – no wastage

· Extremely tidy workmanship – all you’ll be left with is a superbly smooth floor

· Full pre-site survey undertaken – with a no-obligation quote

· After Sales Services, including accurate Moisture Testing

The floor solution of self-levelling liquid screed is remarkably quick to walk-on – can be applied at 500m² per day and walkable within 6 hours thus ensuring the follow-on trades were not delayed. It’s particularly suitable for use with UFH, fully encapsulating pipes and services, providing excellent heat transfer – and with thinner floors and more insulation – increasing the performance of underfloor heating and improved U Values.

Click the video below to see how we pour your new level floor with our state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factory