Floor Screed for Houses and Apartments

If you require a Self Levelling Floor Screed for your house or apartment – new build, self-build, lightweight screed, or simply a renovation job – Fast Floor Screed Ltd has a Floor Screed solution to suit your needs.

Due to new methods of construction and innovative use of products, flooring is able to fulfill a wide variety of building functions. On the one hand, as a stable and reliable underlayment for all types of floor coverings such as tiles, wooden floors, carpet, linoleum, cork; and on the other as a wrapping or covering for any Underfloor Heating (UFH), cooling pipes, electrical wires or conducts and plumbing services you may have installed.

What thickness of Screed do I need?

The requirement to pour at varying depths per specific project requires us to offer a comprehensive range of products, supplied and fitted ranging from 2 up to 100 mm for new build or renovation.  Fast Floor Screed Ltd works to exacting standards and as such we revert to BS 8204-7, which stipulates in paragraph 6.4.3 a minimum thickness of calcium sulphate screeds in domestic floating applications of 35mm. For commercial floating screed applications this is 40mm, and when used over underfloor heating paragraph 6.7 stipulates a minimum cover of 25mm.

What are the benefits of a Screed floor fitted by Fast Floor Screed Ltd?

  • Perfectly level floors – every time
  • Reduced screed thickness – maximises insulation thickness
  • Improved U-Values
  • Increased performance of underfloor heating (UFH)
  • The screed can be installed in a heated floating-floor screed construction, uniquely, with the commissioned underfloor heating system up and running at 25°C!
  • No shrinkage or curling
  • Can be used for acoustic (dB) flooring
  • Applied at 500m2 per day and walk on in as little as 6 hours
  • Can be force dried
  • No additional finishing required before final floor coverings are laid
  • Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is stable and does not segregate
  • No surface skin formation, unlike less superior synthetic Anhydrites compounds
  • Much faster to apply and significantly lighter than traditional sand & cement
  • Mixed on-site and professionally machine pumped in-situ by our experienced team
  • We use a laser levelling tripod system to expertly lay the flattest floor possible
  • We are an ISO 9001: 2015 registered company – this commitment to every aspect of our services, systems, and products
  • Installed in strict accordance with BS 8204-7 code of practice
  • Alpha Hemihydrate Screed binder complies with EN 13454-1: 2004, CE marked
  • EPD certified screed – certificate available for download on EPD Ireland’s Platform
  • Product mixed on-site – no mess – no fuss
  • Extremely tidy workmanship – all you’ll be left with will be a superbly flat smooth floor
  • A full pre-site survey undertaken, with a no-obligation quote
  • After Sales Services, including accurate Moisture Testing
  • 15 years of fail-proof results poured by ISO 9001:2015 Certified Fast Floor Screed Ltd
  • over 1.5 million m² accurately mixed and poured by our Fast Floor Screed Ltd CE certified state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factories across the country

Why is Alpha Hemihydrate the superior flowing Screed?

Pump-applied and self-levelling, Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is the most technologically advanced Floor Screed available, complying with the performance requirements of EN 13813. What makes Fast Floor Screed’s CASEA Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate so special, is its chemical composition. Developed in one of Europe’s most advanced laboratories, tried and tested over many years of successful application, Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is a Hemihydrate screed, which provides unique benefits over less advanced compounds, such as synthetic Anhydrite compounds.


For example, when Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is mixed on-site to create a self-levelling, pumpable Screed, it takes up the water much more readily than a conventional Anhydrite Screed, mixing more smoothly and almost completely crystallising – up to 95% in 24 hours, rather than the 70% crystallisation over 7 days for an Anhydrite Screed.  Meaning Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is resistant to subsequent wetting – whereas an Anyhydrite Screed can swell and crack.

An application is extremely fast – applied at 500m² per day and walkable in 6 hours

Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed’s advanced composition means that it reacts quickly with water, providing consistent, reliable drying characteristics and considerably faster drying times, enabling following trades to proceed without delay.  This has the advantage of ensuring your project completes in a timely manner, offering your architect or designer flexibility. For your builder/contractor and floor covering specialist, it offers ease of installation on site.

Fast Floor Screed lays smoothly and provides a superb perfectly Flat Floor – Ready for your floor covering

Our Alpha Hemihydrate Screed’s easy workability means that it mixes and flows smoothly, with none of the inconsistencies that are inherent in synthetic Anhydrite Screeds. Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is stable and does not segregate, so there is no surface skin formation as there is with Anhydrite.

Meaning Less Finishing and Fewer Joints – Consistent drying and smooth laying means no finishing before final floor coverings are laid and there’s no need for additional smoothing compounds.

What if I want UFH or sound installation?

Fast Floor Screed’s flowing Screed is suitable for acoustic solutions placed on proprietary acoustic insulation and is particularly suitable for applications over UFH and cavity floors. Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed is a liquid self-compacting, self-flowing, self-leveling Screed which flows to fully encapsulate underfloor pipes or wires and reduces the potential for air bubbles/pockets which can have an adverse effect on heat transfer.

What if I want my Screed installed with an acoustic flooring application?

With little preparation required, Südanit 280 Alpha Hemihydrate Screed when specified with the right type of insulation – can achieve 51 DB, far above the standards required by Part E of Building Regulations.

Hard floor coverings such as natural stone, wooden or laminate flooring, and ceramic tiles cause annoying contact and impact noise pollution, especially in apartments.  To drastically reduce this noise pollution, we can install the floor floating, which means we apply our Screeds onto acoustic insulation. The application of this package can be applied as thin as 35mm including acoustic insulation. Screed products used for this type of application, are specially designed for this purpose, and cannot be met using traditional sand & cement screeds.

Acoustic flooring is ideally suited for timber joist suspended first floors and renovation projects where floor-to-ceiling heights should be maximised.  We can fit an under-Screed product designed to isolate Screeds from the main structure of the building, reducing the impact energy generated by general footfall.

Regupol® E48 is used under all types of floor Screeds in most new build constructions including apartments, schools, hospitals, hotels, libraries, and supermarkets.  Fast Floor Screed can supply and fit both the acoustic insulation and new Screed in approx, two days, depending on the size of the area. Regupol E48 is CE marked and has a European Technical Approval.

What about re-levelling or renovating my old existing floor?

We supply and fit a range of renovation and levelling Screed products that can be applied bonded, unbonded and floating. Ideally suited for applications such as:

  • Levelling existing concrete floors, as a bonded application 2 – 60 mm
  • Levelling or covering existing floors where residues of old carpet glue, tiles, paint etc. are present in an unbonded application, i.e. onto PU sheeting, acoustic or thermal insulation
  • Creating a solid floor over an existing timber floor, for example in case of renovating a bathroom or any room on a first floor

What about timber frame or first-floor and apartments – or if a lightweight screed is required?

We offer a unique solution – SMET LiteFlo® Lightweight Flowing Screed. This screed is made from specially selected aggregates, making it 30% lighter than conventional calcium sulphate flowing screeds, and 70% lighter than traditional sand & cement or concrete. The significant reduction in weight, combined with excellent pumpability makes LiteFlo® ideal for timber frame builds, suspended timber floors, high-rise towers, apartments, and multi-story buildings.

Calcium sulphate based LiteFlo® is really unique in the industry, offering a plethora of benefits over traditional lightweight screeds. Traditionally, lightweight screed is exclusively available in a ‘semi-dry application’ format – whereas LiteFlo® is pump-applied with our Mobile Screed Factories and it’s this ‘pumpability’ – combined with excellent flowability which makes this lightweight screed particularly unique. LiteFlo® has literally brought the industry up off its knees, making it possible, for the first time, to pump apply lightweight screed in large volumes without the need for additional levelling compounds after application.

Please contact Fast Floor Screed Ltd to discuss your Screed Renovation, New Screed Floor, Floor levelling with Screed, Lightweight Screed, or Fast Track Screed requirement.  Our friendly team will offer you a cost-effective solution.  Click the link to see our state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factory.

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