Floor Screed for Warehousing & Industrial Flooring

Be like dozens of local Contractors, and choose Fast Floor Screed for fast track levelling and industrial floor renovation.

Warehouses and Industrial facilities require hard-wearing, perfectly flat and level floors. We offer fast-track application of hard-wearing Self Levelling Screeds for new build and industrial renovation projects. Thin layer Screeds create strong, longer-lasting, durable and smooth surfaces quickly, allowing foot traffic quickly. This minimises the time the area is out of action, thus quicker to resume production, warehousing and use of valuable commercial space. Applications between 5 and 30 mm can be applied, please contact Fast Floor Screed to discuss your warehousing or industrial flooring requirements.

What are the benefits to Industry?

  • Specify with an EPD certified screed – certificate available for download on EPD Ireland’s Platform
  • Thin Screed – minimises loss of floor-to-ceiling height
  • High strength – can take forklift traffic in as little as 96 hours
  • Industrial Screed comes in a range of colours
  • Proven – over 30 years throughout Europe
  • Self-compacting and self-levelling
  • Rapid curing – early reopening to foot traffic
  • Dust-Free
  • Quick to Install
  • Exceptionally Flat Finish
  • No shrinkage or curling
  • Can be used for acoustic (dB) flooring
  • Can be force dried
  • Much faster to apply and significantly lighter than traditional sand & cement
  • Mixed on-site and professionally machine pumped in-situ by our experienced teams using our state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factories
  • We use laser levelling tripod system to expertly lay the flattest floor possible
  • Installed in strict accordance with BS 8204-7 code of practice
  • 15 years of tried and tested results with this system poured by ISO 9001:2015 Certified Fast Floor Screed Ltd
  • over 1.5 million m² accurately mixed and poured by our Fast Floor Screed Ltd CE certified state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factories across the country

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