Primark, Frankfurt, Germany


Job Primark, Frankfurt, Germany
Client Bennett Construction Ltd
Product Casufloor C30/F6

As Ireland’s leading floor screed contractor – we completed the floor screed application of Germany’s first Primark store based in Zeil, Frankfurt, Germany. Industry leading self-levelling floor screed Casufloor C30/F6 was utilised in this project. The 4,500.00 m² of shop floor area was prepped, renovated and poured over three stories, using Casufloor C30/F6 from German manufacturer CASEA. The existing floors were first mechanically prepared using milling techniques, followed by installation of the Casufloor product supplied in silo-mixing-pump in thickness between 25 and 40mm. All work was carried in 5 working days in order to adhere to a tight program. Whether your job is self-build, retro-fit, floor renovation, design floor, commercial shop flooring, sustainable building or an industrial venture – we have a flooring compound suitable for your level flooring needs.  Fast Floor Screed Ltd demonstrate best practice partnerships, yet again, in providing a superior level of customer service in screed flooring.

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