Introducing RADDIPLUS NA Rapid – a new screed from Fast Floor Screed Ltd

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With over 1 million m2 screed installed, we are Ireland’s leading floor screed contractor.

Working closely with our clients we listen to the needs of the industry, delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.

We are champions of floor screed innovations and in 2015 we revolutionised the delivery of floor screed in this country with the introduction of our fleet of Mobile Screed Factories.

We are delighted to announce another new ground-breaking product to complement our already popular flowing Alpha Hemihydrate screed portfolio.

RADDIPLUS NA Rapid is a pumpable, rapid drying, high-quality screed material based on calcium sulphate.

When time is of the essence, this product really comes into its own. Early screed drying, means an early installation of your final floor covering; e.g. tiles, wooden floors and so on.  Therefore, there are no delays to follow-on trades in the completion of your home or renovation.  Plus, clients have peace of mind, knowing, like all our screed products, RADDIPLUS NA Rapid Binder complies with EN 13454-1: 2004 and is CE marked.

We supply Raddiplus NA Rapid Screed using pre-blended compounds which we factory-produce on site.

Mixed by our mobile screed factory with a special blend of CE marked aggregates, the screed meets the performance criteria of EN 13813: 2002.

This screed is designed for application at thicknesses of between 20 and 75 mm and provides a unique solution where underfloor heating is not present to force-dry the floor screed, or when underfloor heating cannot be commissioned within a foreseeable time frame. The final floor substrate, like all our flooring solutions, has a smooth, laitance-free surface finish.

Benefits of German-made RADDIPLUS NA Rapid:

  • Rapid-self-drying, allowing early floor covering
  • No delays for follow-on trades
  • Ready for floor covering typically achieving <75% RH to BS 8203 in 10-12 days.
  • Pumpable
  • Underfloor heating – full encapsulation
  • Smooth, laitance-free surface finish
  • Reduced drying times
  • CE EN 13813: 2002

If you’re needing a job done in haste, get in touch about  Raddiplus NA Rapid Alpha Hemihydrate Screed, or any of our screed products today. One of our friendly team will contact you for a no-obligation quote.


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