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Fast Floor Screed Ltd is delighted to announce the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our CE-marked, Alpha Hemihydrate flowing screed is now available online for download

on EPD Ireland’s Platform: click image:

CASEA CALCIUM SULPHATE FLOWING SCREED_EPD_available from Smet Building Products Ltd

CASEA CALCIUM SULPHATE FLOWING SCREED_EPD_materials available from Smet Building Products Ltd

Having an EPD will ensure Fast Floor Screed Ltd will become a preferred supplier amongst sustainability-savvy specifiers for all green building projects.

Of course, with Fast Floor Screed Ltd – Alpha Hemihydrate Screed, you also get the benefits of:
• CE marked
• fully BS 8204-7 compliant installation
• virtually no shrinkage
• up to 150m² bay sizes
• applied at rates of up to 500m² per day
• foot traffic in as little as 6 hours
• a laitance-free screed surface
• a decade of tried and tested results
• accurately mixed and poured by our CE certified state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factories.

Did you also know…our Alpha Hemihydrate Screed can be installed in a heated floating-floor screed construction, uniquely, with the commissioned underfloor heating system up and running @ 25°C?!

Even further reducing drying times with the floor screed dry in 8 days!

What is an EPD?

Environmental Product Declaration are 3rd party verified documents prepared by a manufacturer to set out the various environmental impacts of their products in a clear and transparent manner. They need to follow a set of rules set out by the EPD programme operator in that country, and they must be verified by a qualified verifier. They are now considered the basic building blocks for the construction industry to start measuring the embodied environmental impacts of construction.

How are EPDs used?

EPDs qualify products for credit towards buildings destined for LEED v4 rating and other green building ratings. Having EPDs can help a manufacturer become a preferred supplier amongst designers and architects specifying for green building projects. Manufacturers also use the data from EPDs to identify areas of improvement within their manufacturing process, helping them become more efficient and set realistic sustainability goals.

What is EPD Ireland?

The EPD Ireland programme allows manufacturers of construction products to provide 3rd party verified transparent information on the environmental impacts of their products. It provides a platform for specifiers to source products with Environmental Product Declarations and other information such as responsible procurement or declaration of healthy ingredients.

Fast Floor Screed Ltd –  a guarantee for quality

With over 25 years flooring construction experience, we specialise in the supply and fit of Self Levelling Floor Screeds and have a range of products that will suit any ResidentialUFHSelf-BuildRenovationOfficeCare HomeCommercial or Industrial flooring project.  As a Smet Supported Partner, you can rest assured we are committed to delivering best practice in flooring, with quality workmanship to exacting standards using our CE certified products.

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