We can install our screed with the commissioned UFH system running @ 25°C

Did you know…?

Our Alpha Hemihydrate Screed can be installed in a heated floating-floor screed construction, uniquely, with the commissioned underfloor heating system up and running @ 25°C?!

Even further reducing drying times with the floor screed dry in 8 days!

Of course, you also get the benefits with our screed of:
• CE marked
• fully BS 8204-7 compliant installation
• virtually no shrinkage
• up to 150m² bay sizes
• applied at rates of up to 500m² per day
• foot traffic in as little as 6 hours
• a laitance-free screed surface
• a decade of tried and tested results
• accurately mixed and poured by our CE certified state-of-the-art Mobile Screed Factories.

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